Dieting While Vacationing

Dieting on Vacation

It’s that beautiful time of year. The trees are getting greener, the birds are chirping and flowers are blooming. It’s beach season and you’ve probably been planning your vacation. You have been keeping up with your healthy eating and exercising and you are seeing the results. But now you’re anxiety is kicking in. How am I going to stay on track? What about all the tempting foods?

I know the anxiety you’re feeling right now! I, too, am terrified of my long 7 day hiatus to Miami. Let’s be real…Miami’s food is as fattening as it is delicious! I am realistic and know that I am going to indulge in my hometown favorites. There’s nothing that states you can’t have your flan and eat it too. You just have to eat in moderation. Most restaurants and fast food chains carry “healthier” food options. Take this into consideration when you are eating out. And easy on the salad dressing…it’s a haven for ghost calories you don’t know are there!!

Another great way to curb your appetite is that wonderful liquid we call water. You know…Gatorade’s arch nemesis?! If you are drinking Gatorade your water sucks! Site seeing can exhaust and dehydrate you and so can being out in the sun more than your body is used to. So take water everywhere you go to help keep all systems running smoothly.

Nobody wants to get sick while they are on vacation. You have spent months planning and plotting all the hours you would get to spend away from your unappreciative boss. You need to keep your antioxidant levels and important vitamins high so you are less likely to get sick and ruin your vacay! So make the effort to get those servings of fruits and vegetables every day. The recommended five servings of fruits and veggies will make meals seem more filling and satisfying.

We’ve got the tools, tips, and tricks to stay on track while on vacation. It is only useful if you put it to use. So remember to eat when you’re hungry and stop when you are comfortable. Do not stuff yourself to capacity…you’re not a pinata!

I will be posting pictures of my shenanigans and attempting to stay on track while I’m indulging in the fun in the sun with my family and friends. I always do my best to preach what I teach but I am human and fallible as you are. Wish me luck and enjoy your vacation this summer. Let’s Lose Weight Together!